martes, 2 de octubre de 2012

Can't Do Shit


Microsoft/Intel Future of Computing: Can't Do Shit (BBspot, vía GMSV.)


¡Qué suerte que el artículo sigue ahí! Sigue siendo muy, pero muy gracioso, una sátira de primera.
At a technology conference for developers, representatives from Microsoft and Intel outlined the Can't Do Shit (CDS) Road Map for future cooperative products between the two companies. They predict that in 6 years it will be impossible to violate a copyright with a computer, or to do anything at all for that matter.

"We're very confident that with the release of our Palladium platform and Intel's LaGrande none of consumers' previous digital media will work. No MP3s, no movie files, nothing," said Josiah Witman, Microsoft's head of the Palladium initiative.

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